Tour with Kepi Ghoulie and Partners in 818

Hello Everybody. We are about to embark on yet another tour of the beautiful western states. Joining us on this trip will be our fellow miscreants, Kepi Ghoulie & Dino, Partners in 818 and John “Street Professor” Martin. Mike Park deserves copious hugs and hi-fives for setting the whole thing up. Also, we have asked one of our favorite artists to put together a tour poster which will be coming very soon. Hopefully, by the time we hit the road we will have a new 7″ split with our dear friends in The Gunshy. This record will be brought to you by the big brains behind the AJJ pillowcase, Silver Sprocket Bike Club.

On a somber note, we will no longer be touring in our ’94 Chevy Astro Van. Wolfenstien 3D: The Van served us well for the majority of AJJ’s history and she will be missed. Countless nights were spent crying ourselves to sleep in her warm bosom. Her courage and tenacity gave us the strength to tread forward. I ask you now to take a moment of silence and pour a quantity of the nearest malt liqour on your nearest horizontal surface in her memory.

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